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Katie Bellerino And Katie Barletta’s journey started back when they met at the Aveda Institute in 2005. They quickly became friends and stayed close long after graduation. In 2013 they partnered up and wanted to create a work environment that was welcoming, fun and inspiring.

They wanted to create a space for stylists that felt like a family and rewarded hard work. Creating beauty wasn’t just a job for them, it meant so much more. They opened Glow hair and beauty with just 4 stylists and 5 chairs and it rapidly grew. After 3 years, Glow expanded to their current location now with 12 chairs and 15 teammates!

The Katie’s value customer service and hospitality. Glow believes it’s vital to keep up with current trends and create a custom look for each guest.  Glow strives to nurture everyone’s outer beauty while enhancing their inner beauty and ideals of excellence.

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